Saturday, May 18, 2013

Farming on Saturday morning and another shout out for Alison

Morning all, Michael and I spent our morning working the garden. I weeded and replanted a couple of pots while Michael reworked two rows that we will plant in a second crop of cranberry beans. Later this week we will start harvesting black eyed peas. Right now we can hardly stay ahead of the tomatoes and the carrots, squash and onions went to good use last night in pork fried rice. All morning while we worked the red shouldered hawk chicks were hollering at is from two nearby trees. They are flying short distances but still hanging around the nest getting fed. And from the other corner of the garden we were watched by the bluebirds who nested in a old sycamore snag. If you look down the hollow of the snag you can see two baby bluebirds with mouths wide open. So here is the extra piece about Alison. My last blog was dedicated to her. Then in her blog this past week Alison included a couple of photos with her wearing the "suck it up cupcake" t-shirt we gave her and told the story about why there even exist "suck it up cupcake" t-shirts. I love her blog! Alison and her husband Randall are sailing the high season there sail boat Tregoning. Honestly Alison's blog is so much cooler than mine I am putting a link here for I you to check it out I hope you enjoy it. From a treatment standpoint all is well. I have chemo again on Monday and the a three week break. Mid June are more scans. Oh and having just been to see my dermatologist here is a reminder for all of you to be vigilant regarding skin cancer! Love, Wendy