Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday evening

Hi there everyone! nothing exciting to post. Still just chugging along in treatment and doing fine. But I wanted to let those of you who haven't seen me in a while know the status of my hair. It is coming back as you can see in this photo. I don't like selfies but it was the only close up I had with hair! Hope you are all well and enjoying the spring weather. Love, Wendy

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Next treatment and more

Hi my friends, Just wanted to update you after my talk with Dr. Moroose on Thursday. She had the foundation 1 study results from my liver biopsy to share. This is an assessment of the genetic mutations shown in my cancer cells. It also showed Her2neu positivity along with other mutations on additional genes some of which lead to other treatment options and some which don't currently. My doctor will be pursuing using Palbociclib,a newly FDA approved drug through my insurance company to continue to try effecting the Her2neu pathway. In the meantime we are focusing treatment with the estrogen blockers-Aromasin and Faslodex. Again I am glad to be on treatments now that have side effects I can live with! The study also referenced some potential clinical trials that may be available to me as well. So Dr. Moroose is doing research to determine if I am a candidate. Still seems like lots of tools in the toolbox! 😄 Love to you all, Wendy

Monday, March 2, 2015

In Between Again

hi there, Happy Monday to everyone! It is a warm and sunny day here in central Florida. The animals and guests are frolicking at Disney's Animal Kingdom. And I am doing well. The recent treatments for me included two different hormone pathways, one to block estrogen and one to block her2neu, another hormone that my cancer responds to. unfortunately the drugs for the her2neu treatment make me sick enough that I may not be able to continue on them. Right now I am on hiatus from them, so I feel good. This Thursday I will meet with the doctor again to discuss other options. Hopefully we can focus more on the estrogen blocking treatments as the cancer shows it is very responsive to that hormone. I will let you know more as I learn it. I definitely can understand that some of the treatments can make me sick but if it is putting me at risk for other health problems we need to have the discussion. So pray if you will for discernement to figure the best treatment tools and regimen to keep me healthy. I am definitely ready to get back to working out, swimming and bicycling! hope you are all well and that the winter where you are is enjoyable, okay maybe not so much for those of you in Boston! Love to all, Wendy