Saturday, August 17, 2013

I am such a Slacker!!

It has been 6 weeks since my last post! And while that may be taken as a sign that nothing exciting has been happening it isn't very friendly. I had a friend recently let me know she was following but hadn't seen anything new. Health wise there isn't really anything new since the post the first of July. I continue to get treatments every 3 weeks along with my daily medication. I am working out more, usually swimming or biking and recently I have added some gentle yoga back into my regimen. I need the yoga to work on improving my flexibility which is sadly lacking. I got to go kayaking last weekend with a friend who wanted to learn. It was nice to be paddling. I am hoping to get to do more the end of the month when we visit Pine Island again. And later this month the Fall season of Volleyball gets underway on Tuesday nights. Work has been busy summer normal. It is wonderful that we have been getting the regular rains. The landscapes at Animal Kingdom show the difference that rain makes.Everything is lush and dark green and happy. The only problem with the every day storms is that our dog Maggie is very afraid of thunder and lightning. She can usually be found huddled under the computer desk. Michael and I are working on arrangements for a vacation to the Yellowstone area this Fall. Neither of us has been there as adults yet so this is a Bucket List kind of trip. Of course Michael is all about the fishing so he is studying about the fly fishing in the region and decided that I could help by learning to tie flies! And I actually am enjoying it. Tying flies is a cross between macrame and entomology, since I like both it works for me. Not that the products of my efforts will be much to attract fish but you never know! For those who have been following the Garden progress we are about to wind down for the summer. This morning I harvested black-eyed peas, okra, jalapeno peppers and eggplant. We have had a bumper crop of okra and so have had some great gumbo the last couple of months and I resorted to making okra pickles. Actually the pickles aren't bad. Pretty soon though we need to turn everything under and rest it a bit to discourage bugs. And then we can plant for the fall and winter. Looking forward to collards. Boy doesn't that sound southern! Don't turn your nose up at collard greens until you have had Michael's version. Yummy! Hope this finds all of you well and happy. Blessings and Love to you, Wendy