Monday, March 10, 2014


Why is it that I am always apologizing for not keeping this blog current? I guess it is a good sign that life is just going on in a normal way and there isn't really any news. That continues to be the case this morning too. I had my third Kadcyla treatment last Friday and there is nothing exciting to report. I have relatively little side effects and e ones we need to watch are being closely monitored by my doctors (namely the effect on my heart). I appreciate the ease which I tolerate this treatment and how well everything is going. Unfortunately that isn't the case wight everyone dealing with cancer. I have two friends who are struggling. Please pray for Luz and Karyn and their families. At the risk of being cocky, I am feeling good enough to set a goal to complete a sprint triathlon this year. You all can help keep me on task to get that accomplished. I will have to walk the run portion but the goal is just to. Omelette the event not to set any records. In the next month I am heading to boston to visit my sister Cindy over our birthday weekend (I am the 28th and she is the 29th), planning on vacationing with Michael in the Dry Tortugas, and tomorrow Michael and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage! Imagine him putting up with me that long! So that is the news for now. Take care of yourselves as you are each precious. Wendy