Monday, July 21, 2014

Way over due!

Hi there everyone! I know I always plan on keeping this blog more up to date and now it has been months since my last post. Sorry! But it is a lttile funny that the last post is from the Dry Tortugas as Michael and I just returned yesterday from a second camping trip down there. This time we did a lot more paddling and got over to Loggerhead Key and the lighthouse there. We also did a bunch of snorkeling and as soon as we process some of the fish photos I will post them here. It really was another awesome trip even though it was quite a bit hotter than in April as you might expect. There is some news on the health front too, the last PET scan showed new activity in my pelvic bones and in my liver. So Thursday this week I start a new chemotherapy treatment regimen. Three drugs two of which are new to me and I will receive them every 3 weeks. Then on Fridays after the treatment days I get some additional meds that help with the side effects of the treatment. I am calm and have peace about this small change in my treatment and trust that God has a plan for me. So look for another post soon with lots of beautiful fishy photos. I am hoping all of you are well and enjoying the summer. Love to all of you, Wendy