Monday, February 18, 2013

2 posts in one day!

Well I told you I would follow up. Everything went just fine. The hip x-rays were read by both the medical oncologist as well as my radiation oncologist. The word is that while I can't start weight bearing exercise for a couple more months yet from a cancer standpoint the hips look fine. Warning to any men following this blog you may want to tune out now. So sisters you know how much fun a mammogram can be, right? Well now think about the tech including a piece of hardware like oh say a port in the tissue that she is going to squeeze flat! Let me just say Ouch! Guys you can come back now. In between the scans and the doctor appointment I ran up to Maitland to drop a check at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey and got to see a baby great horned owl. Let me tell you that was cool! The adults are huge birds and this baby is nearly full grown but still with baby feathers and awkwardness. The folks at the Center are rehabilitating her as she broke her wing badly when she fell from the nest. In this case she won't be able to be released back to the wild. When they get her fixed up and grown up she will be used for education to help her species and other birds of prey. Just wanted to share my fun bird encounter with you all too. TTFN Wendy

An overdue update

Hello, I realized that you haven't heard from me recently. Shame on me, but the good side of that was there was nothing to report. Maybe after today as I have a few scans and see Dr. Constantino later. At home Michael and I have been working on the garden and it is looking good. Hopefully our cold protection efforts this weekend will be successful in saving the tender crops like the just emerged beans and the newly planted tomatoes. It was 29 degrees this morning. As things grow up a bit more I will get a photo to share with you. Otherwise it has been pretty routine. One special thing this week is that we are celebrating Phyllis'(Michael's mom) 85th birthday today. She had some celebrations at the park where she lives over the weekend and this evening we get to take her out to dinner. Then later this week we are going down to Ft. Myers. Me to attend the ECHO board meetings and Michael to go play with Chris Bundschu. I thank all of you who are following this blog. It is great to know there are such awesome friends in my corner. Look for another post soon as I will let you know if anything or nothing comes out of today's scans and appointments. Love, Wendy

Monday, February 4, 2013

The day started out beautifully

As I was driving in to MD Anderson Hospital for my regular chemo treatment I passed a pasture just about at dawn and in the paddock was a young black calf running and jumping. to top it off the morning had patches of fog and the sun was just coming up and lit the fog so that it was pink. Pink fog with a cute black calf playing in it. Beautiful and surreal! The chemo treatment went fine and the new port work just like it is supposed to. That was a good thing. The last time it was just after the surgery and it really bruised up afterward. I think everything is nicely healed and it has settled in to be no excitement. Now I have two full weeks with before my next medical appointment, scan or treatment. WAHOO!! And to end the day Michael and I worked on planting more in our vegetable garden. Yes this is Florida and I planted my garden the beginning of February. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for another four weeks. But I really think it will be okay. Michael has done a great job at building the garden and I hope I can deliver some vegetables. Just wanted to let everyone know that all is well here. The next information will come after I have x-rays on the 18th. Love to you all. Wendy