Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Good scans!

hi everyone I do want to point out this post is within a month from the last one. Yeah, that means I am reasonably current. There is good news to share, last Friday I had CAT scans and they showed that all the mets (tumors) are stable or in other words nothing grew since the last scan. The doctor's call that stable metabolic disease. This is the first time since we found the mets in my liver that they haven't grown between scans. Yahoo and praise the Lord, our Great Physician! This is an indication that the new drug treatment is working. I love that since this treatment also doesn't make me feel sick. I really feel back to normal and have been swimming, biking and walking regularly. I am back up to speed at work as well. All this I am very grateful for and give appreciation to my medical team and then all Glory to Our LORD. Thanks for celebrating with me. I pray that all is well with each of you. Blessings, Wendy