Saturday, September 5, 2015

A beautiful if steamy September Saturday!

Hello all, I hope you aren't bored with fishing stories because that is really all I have to share. I can't imagine that you really want to hear that I washed the dogs and worked in the garden this morning. BTW the second round of black-eyed peas will begin to be harvested this week. I lost the okra that was in the ground but have two nice containers of it so hope for okra before too long.It is still very rainy and hot here. Yesterday we headed over to the coast to Yankeetown on the Citrus/Levy county border to fish. The weather was pretty much against us at first so we puttered around in the river and saw some great flocks of woodstorks and roseate spoonbills. Here is a tree with both perched in it to wait out the storm. I know they are small you may have to zoom in a bit. This is my Captain and fishing guide... And here is his trophy fish for the day. This snook was 38+ inches long and weighed about 25 pounds. The slot for snook is 28-33 inches in the Gulf so he went back in the water. I loved watching Michael cradling the fish in his hands as he revived it and it swam off. We did make it outside into the Gulf of Mexico and saw a lot of birds and bait but didn't catch anything. Still it was a lovely day! A big shout out to our friends Randall and Alison Stocker who are sailing in the south Pacific. I just got Alison's update and they are in American Samoa currently and soon heading to New Zealand. "Sigh" Michael and I are envious but hope the wind will always be right the anchorages secure and the fishing and snorkeling awesome! Love to you all, Wendy