Friday, May 22, 2015

Life without a gallbladder is fine!

I am surprised at how much better I feel after yesterday's surgery. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise since they removed the organ causing the pain. Today I am still a little sore and tired but expect to be back at work Tuesday. Michael did agree that I didn't have to mow grass today even though I wasn't at work! My beloved is such a joker. It will be a quiet three day weekend because of Memorial Day on Monday. I will hope at you all have a nice weekend too and don't forget to find a veteran and thank them for their service. Love to you all around the world. Wendy

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

There is always a new wrinkle!

Howdy friends and loved ones! the new wrinkle has nothing to do with cancer but I am having surgery tomorrow at 1 pm to remove my gall bladder. It has been acting up since Sunday and it is time to get it out of there! the surgery is out patient and not expected to be any big deal. I will post afterwards (maybe not tomorrow but by Friday I promise). happy to have any prayers you can send my way. love and His blessing on all of you. Wendy

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Feeling great!

Hi there everyione, Just a quick update that things are going very well. My white blood cells have rebounded and that allowed me to start back on the Ibrance this morning. Glad to be able to continue with the new drug and so thankful that I have not experienced any nasty side effects with it!! I very much am back to normal although that means I need to step up my activity level and get my butt in gear. The weather is perfect so no excuses! I just wanted to let you know that all is well and thank you for all the support over the years. You guys are treasures to me. Love you and praying for each of you.