Monday, July 1, 2013

Great vacation and update from the doctor

Good morning everyone, Michael and I returned from the M3 Ranch this past Saturday. W had been there for the prior week, having a fun time with the Bundschus and the Doerrs, friends from Florida who came up to join us. It was a very relaxing time, we really didn't do much other than hang out, a little hiking, bird watching, puzzling and eating. Dad and Arra Mae were awesome hosts and Dad's cousin Joe was a masterful bar tender. The Ranch is truly a beautiful spot and we enjoyed the peace and camaraderie. There were lots of cute babies too, Moofasa the tame steer, Miss Mae a 3 month old heifer who loves to be petted and a family of donkeys with an adorable month old colt. All in all it was a special time. Today I met with my oncologist and the only bad news was that she is moving to Omaha, NE! I so appreciate her care for the last 9 months. I am sure that the doctor she is referring me too will be great as well. Anyway we talked more in detail about the results of the scans. There has been no increase in the mets as I said before. That indicates that the treatment is working exactly as it is intended. We will stay the course we are on. I feel great and Dr. Constantino even said I could go back to jogging carefully. I don't love running or jogging but it would probably help with weight control. So ultimately that is the info and I am grateful. Thanks be to God! Hope you are having an enjoyable summer. Revel in your friends and family. My love to you all. Wendy