Saturday, January 25, 2014

A cool Saturday morning

Hi everyone! It is a cool but pretty Saturday morning here. I am planning on spending some time working in the garden, harvesting carrots and collard greens. But this post is really to update you on my walk with cancer. No big changes but I want to keep you current. I had a recent PET scan that showed one very small additional met. We already knew that my chemo treatment would change since I got the go-ahead from the cardiologist. So this new information didn't change much of anything. I also had another echocardiogram last week to check on my heart and it showed improvement over the previous echo, good news. Yesterday I started the new chemotherapy, Kadcyla. It is a newly approved drug combination that includes the Herceptin that I have been on for a while. Because it is new to me the treatment yesterday took 5 hours but future ones will be much shorter now that we know I tolerate it just fine. I was a little tired yesterday but honestly that probably wasn't the effect of the treatment but the fact that Michael and I attended a concert on Thursday night and got very little sleep. BTW it was a great concert with a Celtic band by the name of Gaelic Storm. We had a blast!!! So that is the news from here. All is well and I am excited to be on the new treatment. And I won't miss those painful shots in the rump from the last treatment! Glad to be off the Faslodex! Hoping all is well in your world and sending you all my love, Wendy

Sunday, January 5, 2014

I've been captured!

Yesterday at the invitation of my neighbor Beverly I portrayed a woman captured by Seminole Indians during the start of the Second Seminole Indian War. the first battle of that war was at the site of the Dade Battlefield State Park. Yesterday there was a re-enactment of the battle and displays of what the life of both the Seminoles and the sutlers would have been like. So here are a selection of photos from the event.