Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

My Christmas Greeting comes to you right in the middle of the 12 days of Christmas. I hope you are still reveling in the joy of the coming of Jesus! I point this out as a salve to my conscience as it has been almost a month since I posted and I had intended to post BEFORE Christmas. Hopefully you have had plenty of time this week to enjoy His coming as well as time with your friends and families. We celebrated with my family here in central Florida. Christmas Eve and Christmas morning found us at Rob and Molly's house for great fun and gifts. And Christmas dinner we all went up to Dad's house (across the street from Molly's)for a serious feast! And we had the treat of friends Kimberly and Kendrick Lau joining us for dinner. We all had a great time. After dinner the Florida contingent of the next generation had a sleep over at Molly's house and I can only imagine that they had a good time. I guess we should ask Molly if she and Rob enjoyed the craziness too. Work has been busy as expected this time of year. The Parks are full of Guests but everything is running smoothly. I so enjoy being in the Parks during these busy days and getting to interact with the folks from all over the world who came to celebrate with us. The weather has been beautiful particularly if they are from the colder regions. It has been plenty warm here to even enjoy the water parks and swimming pools. My health news is all good. I had a stress test yesterday and the doctor said it was fine. That means that my chemo treatments can likely go back to the one that my medical oncologist really wants to use, Kadcyla. So I figure we will get started with that new treatment sometime in January. I will keep you up to date, promise! Again I am wishing you all the best during this Christmas season and throughout the new year. I love you and thank you for the support! Wendy

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How did it get to be December already?!

Hi everyone, I just don't know where the time goes. We had a great Thanksgiving last week. Lots of folks including some new and old friends. We did miss having Arra Mae and my brother Rob's family but I don't know where we would have put them. The house was busting its seams. We did get to include friends of mine from work, Kimberly and Kendrick and their parents Mae and Joseph. We also included the family of my nephew Jake's best girl Shayna. Her mom, Kathy and dad, Mike and grandmother, Josefina all of whom were good sports about the craziness at our house and were very interesting to talk with during the evening. Then Friday we headed to Pineland for a fishing and fun weekend with the Bundschus and Doerrs. I get to brag for having caught the only legitimate fish (in that it was a trout) Stan did catch a catfish/tourist trout but we decided it didn't count. Attached is a picture of my fish, you may need a magnifier! The poor little thing must have barely managed to eat the shrimp I had on as bait! Saturday evening some of the neighbors joined us for an appetizer and dessert party. Elmer won for the best pie (and there was quite a variety)with his homemade key lime pie. There were a lot of votes for the coconut cream and the banana cream too. And then we entertained ourselves with a sing along of old songs we all knew. It sounds corny but we had a blast!!! Other than that there is nothing new to report, all is well on the medical front. I will promise to try and stay more current on my postings. Hope you all are enjoying the Christmas Season. Don't let the hustle distract you from the Joy! Love Wendy