Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Phuket Fun

Well we have had plenty of fun so far here in Phuket. The weather hasn't been the best but we have worked around it. I am including a photo of Stan and Beth on our walk into town. Yesterday we took a walk on the flats after the tide went out and saw lots of cool creatures from a giant clam to a puffer fish who was stuck in a small pool (we rescued him, see pic) to brittle stars to a small moray eel. I am looking forward to a similar walk this afternoon.

Today we had scheduled to go diving but had to cancel as the weather wasn't going to make for enjoyable boating to get to the dive sites. Instead we headed to the Aquarium where we saw lots of interesting fish and invertebrates. The displays were really well done.

Tomorrow we are hoping to go kayaking in a protected area called the Hongs. Look for more pics later.

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