Saturday, October 8, 2011

On the road again

Hi everyone!

We are hitting the road today, flying down to Bangkok. We get to spend a little more time with Cherry and then head home early on Monday. It has been a great trip. The places we have seen and the food we have eaten has been amazing. But far and away the best thing has been the time we have spent with wonderful friends both new and old. Here in C. Mai we spent precious time with Rocha and Ratch and so enjoyed getting to know them better. Of course I have already talked about the great time we had with Cherry and Dew in Bangkok and the fun in Phuket with Stan and Beth. We have also met some lovely people with the conference, like Rick and Ellen Burnette who did a herculean job putting everything together. We loved getting to chat with the interns and new friends like Jitu from Delhi.

Still we are ready to head home so will see you all soon.



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