Monday, February 18, 2013

An overdue update

Hello, I realized that you haven't heard from me recently. Shame on me, but the good side of that was there was nothing to report. Maybe after today as I have a few scans and see Dr. Constantino later. At home Michael and I have been working on the garden and it is looking good. Hopefully our cold protection efforts this weekend will be successful in saving the tender crops like the just emerged beans and the newly planted tomatoes. It was 29 degrees this morning. As things grow up a bit more I will get a photo to share with you. Otherwise it has been pretty routine. One special thing this week is that we are celebrating Phyllis'(Michael's mom) 85th birthday today. She had some celebrations at the park where she lives over the weekend and this evening we get to take her out to dinner. Then later this week we are going down to Ft. Myers. Me to attend the ECHO board meetings and Michael to go play with Chris Bundschu. I thank all of you who are following this blog. It is great to know there are such awesome friends in my corner. Look for another post soon as I will let you know if anything or nothing comes out of today's scans and appointments. Love, Wendy

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