Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our trip to the Dry Tortugas

Wow this post was worth waiting for, you all! Michael and I spent three nights and four days camping on Garden Key in the Dry Tortugas this last weekend. These islands are 65 miles from Key West at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico. On Garden Key is Fort Jefferson, an enormous brick fort that covers ten acres. The parade ground is seven acres alone and the moat wall around the fort is over a mile. There is a little camping area and a few docks. At one time there were two huge coaling docks on the north and south ends of the Key. The docks are gone but pilings are great for snorkeling as they are covered with coral, sponges and sea fans and are inhabited by fish of all colors, shapes and sizes. Adjacent to Garden Key are Long and Bush Keys which have actually joined together as the north channel closed in over the last few years. Those areas are protected seabird rookeries and are filled with nesting brown noddy terns and magnificent frigate birds. The frigates fly over the fort just riding on the wind and the thermal drafts, you never see them flap their wings. The water was so blue and blue in many different shades from aquamarine to a deep clear blue. Michael and I got there via ferry from Key West so we were able to bring our gear and kayaks. Unfortunately the winds were very strong and it limited our paddling until the last day. But we made up for that with snorkeling, fishing and exploring the fort. Here are some photos from the trip. Hey Alison this looks like your Blog! Love to you all, Wendy

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  1. Love the one of the two of you (you and Michael's shadow)!