Saturday, October 18, 2014

Another easy saturday morning

Hi there everyone, Saturday mornings are certainly one of the blessings in life. We had a nice breakfast and just puttering around doing light chores (well that is I am, Michael has been slaving away roto-tilling the garden!). I had treatment this past Thursday and Friday so that is my excuse. However it doesn't hold water right now as I feel pretty darned good! Yesterday I also had the privilege to share my cancer journey stories with a class of nursing students at Orlando Tech. My dear friend Nancy Welch is their instructor and invited me to talk with her class as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What a great group of students! They had lots of questions and were very engaged and interested. That is really all the news today. Hope this finds all of you healthy and happy. One shout out to Vicki Owens. We had a computer crash and for some reason I no longer have your e-mail address Vicki. Please contact me at so that we don't lose touch. Love to you all, Wendy

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