Saturday, March 7, 2015

Next treatment and more

Hi my friends, Just wanted to update you after my talk with Dr. Moroose on Thursday. She had the foundation 1 study results from my liver biopsy to share. This is an assessment of the genetic mutations shown in my cancer cells. It also showed Her2neu positivity along with other mutations on additional genes some of which lead to other treatment options and some which don't currently. My doctor will be pursuing using Palbociclib,a newly FDA approved drug through my insurance company to continue to try effecting the Her2neu pathway. In the meantime we are focusing treatment with the estrogen blockers-Aromasin and Faslodex. Again I am glad to be on treatments now that have side effects I can live with! The study also referenced some potential clinical trials that may be available to me as well. So Dr. Moroose is doing research to determine if I am a candidate. Still seems like lots of tools in the toolbox! 😄 Love to you all, Wendy

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