Wednesday, May 20, 2015

There is always a new wrinkle!

Howdy friends and loved ones! the new wrinkle has nothing to do with cancer but I am having surgery tomorrow at 1 pm to remove my gall bladder. It has been acting up since Sunday and it is time to get it out of there! the surgery is out patient and not expected to be any big deal. I will post afterwards (maybe not tomorrow but by Friday I promise). happy to have any prayers you can send my way. love and His blessing on all of you. Wendy


  1. Sending prayers and (((((gentle hugs)))))

  2. Boy, I miss a day or two of checking in and you go do something like this! Chris got your text that "all is well" and I'm so glad. But you scaired the heck out of me. Prayers for speedy healing anyway!