Sunday, July 3, 2016

6 Days & Counting!

The time is near. On Saturday, July 9th, we will celebrate Wendy May's life. When we began the planning for this event, we estimated the attendance at 300. We may have underestimated. I hope so! Wendy deserves it.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

2:00 - 3 PM - I will officially welcome the celebrants and offer some brief comments about my life with Wendy, before introducing her dad, Bob Matheison. Following Bob, Pastor Tom Welch will lead us through the ceremony and prayer. Several designees will share their memories and thoughts of Wendy. Tom will again lead us in prayer prior to the main event - Dinner!
3:00 - 5 PM - Dinner with a menu including beef tenderloin, chicken, pulled pork, and shrimp along with sides of beans, slaw, a vegetable medley, pasta salad and much more. Toward the end of dinner the family will take the stage for a salute to Wendy and a life well lived.
5:00 - 7 PM - Social Hour (Anyone staying past 7 will be assigned cleanup duties)

Gates to The Pines will open at 8:00 AM. I suggest arriving after 12 noon. Please remember - We are planning for an upbeat, informal event. This is a celebration not a dirge. Please don't make me cry. Dress casually in cool comfortable clothes. Accuweather is predicting temps near 100. So ... "suck it up, cupcake!"

Parking - Please follow "Disney Parking Protocols". All parking is on the grass around the ball field. We will have a couple of untrained parking attendants to assist. The Pines at Windermere - 3409 Maguire Rd

Looking forward to seeing everyone. God Bless, Michael

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  1. Michael, I'm bringing tissues. I hope not to make you cry, but I still can't think or talk about my friend Wendy without tearing up. Just don't look at me. Ok?