Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hi there,

Got back home last night about half after midnight. The travel was fine. Nothing eventful which is always good on travel days, right?

I had a wonderful time in Bangkok with my friend Cherry. It was a very busy two days that is why no blogs at the time. And even now you are going to have to wait. I want to get some photos from that visit ready for the blog before I post. It was just an amazing time. Cherry is quite the hostess and after meeting her mother I know where she gets it from! We did some serious shopping on Monday when I arrived and I got to see some of the city. Then that night we were on a dinner cruise through the city. The food was so good and so hot! But I really liked it. Then the show started. We cruised along the river right through the heart of Bangkok with a tour guide who told us about all the landmarks and buildings. And the rain held off!

Tuesday we started early at the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Wow! I have some pics that I will post of the exteriors of the buildings. Photos are prohibited inside so you will just have to go yourself to see these amazing sights. From there we went to a fruit and food market about an hour outside of town. I was the only foreigner there I can guarantee it! We bought some food delights to share on the way back to the city. I never thought sweet shrimp balls would be yummy but they were. My favorite were the fried coconut meat patties. They were sweet and savory at the same time. With those as a pick me up we were off shopping some more.

There aren't a lot of tourists in Bangkok these days but I certainly did my part and helped their economy. Cherry is a shopping machine! I finally had to say uncle and we went back to the hotel to hang out until supper. It was just a magical 2 days. Cherry is such a gem.

So look for photos here tomorrow.


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