Thursday, December 4, 2014

Overdue again!

hi all, Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We were in the mountains of North Carolina with a big chunk of the family at Dad's was a great time including snow on Thanksgiving. Some of the crew had their first experience with the cold stuff. It was so fun to see teens playing and throwing snow balls! Michael hiked the hill behind the house with dogs in tow, while I stayed indoors mostly cooking for the crew. But I could be sure of staying warm! One of our furry kids, Maggie had her first encounter with a skunk the first night we got there. Thankfully the barn is rigged with warm water in the wash stall! Health update: I have had some new rumors show up on my spine above the previous ones. The location is actually good as it means that they can be treated with radiation which resolves them much quicker. If you will pray that the treatments focus just on the rumors and that all the other tissues around them are protected. I have absolute confidence in the folks here at UF Health Cancer Center but appreciate the Lord's healing hand on this even more. Clarifying that would be tumors not rumors on my spine! Ha ha! Anyway all my love to you and hope you have an anticipatory Advent Season followed by a Joyful Cheistmas! Wendy

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  1. Praying for no tumors and no rumors of tumors, my dear friend!