Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

HE IS RISEN! I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Easter Sunday with friends and or family! We had special services at church and then I went to Dad's house with most of the family and had a great lunch followed by an egg hunt for the kids. Molly's friend Peggy brought her two little ones so it was especially fun to watch the toddlers hunt eggs and to see the teens being sweet and helping the little guys! And this was the second weekend in a row with great family time. My sister Cindy who lives outside of Boston came down the weekend before to celebrate our birthdays together (mine on the 28th and hers on the 29). Along with Cindy came her son Xander and we all tremendously enjoyed the visit. I am including some photos below of Cindy and Xander on the Wild Africa Trek out at Disney's Animal Kingdom. We also caught a spring training baseball game with the Red Sox at the Braves, had a big family celebration again at Dad's and Cindy and I went to see the new live action Cinderella movie in an echo from our birthdays as kids! Just had a great weekend. All is well with me. I started new super targeted chemotherapy treatment Saturday (it is oral medication) and have high hopes for it to tackle the cancer cells. And so far no side effects although it may be too early to say. Again Happy Easter and enjoy the photos below. Love you all, Wendy

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