Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday and I am lazy!

Hi there ya'll, It is Sunday afternoon and I am lazy. Yesterday Michael and I worked in the yard and garden a lot. I am pulling out left over winter veggies and weeding the spring planting, oh and I also washed the two furry kids that live with us. Michael mowed grass and was a big sweetie and washed my car! Well here I am giving you minutia about my weekend when I laugh at folks who do this on Facebook. I guess the main point is to share with you that things are getting back to routine for us. The new medication is not giving me significant side effects and I am very grateful for that. After a few months on the new drug Doctor Moroose will order more scans and we can see if any progress has been made on the tumors. I must say I am extremely optimistic! Other than that I just want to say Hi to all of you! I hope all is well in your corners of the world! Alison and Randall are crossing the South Pacific, Dad and Arra Mae just got back from Holland, Vicki I think you are still in Khartoum and Cindy and Paul just returned from Canada. I heard this week from Jolly, a friend in Uganda which was lovely and hope to get to see Rocha from Thailand later in May. Check in if you aren't listed above but either way I love you all and pray health and happiness for you. Wendy

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  1. Still in boring Fort Myers, and loving it! Glad to hear things are normal with yall!