Saturday, October 17, 2015

Keys Trip 3

DON'T START HERE! Go to the first post regarding the keys trip and then read up for the best flow of the story. Now to continue, the following are photos from our snorkeling at Sombrero Light on Friday and a bit of fishing the last day. We caught over the course of the trip some nice Mahi Mahi, tripletail and ocean triggerfish. Much of it is in the freezer. The last picture here though is three chefs as we prepared mahi fish tacos! Yum! here are a queen angel and at puffer fish... a dinner plate size turtle and a friendly and curious Bermuda chubb... And finally Michael's big Mahi and the cooks in the kitchen making tacos! I hope you enjoy the photos as we sure had a great time in the Keys!! We are happy to fish and snorkel anywhere and anytime! Love to all of you and hope that all is well in your world. At the risk of boring you with more travel posts I will get some info and pictures up soon from my recent trip to San Francisco for the Association of Zoological Horticulture conference. TTFN, Wendy

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  1. That was soooo fun! And great eats, too! Thank you!