Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Update and Christmas Wishes

Well the answer on the cancer front was kind of mixed, the good news is that the tumor on my thoracic spine cannot even be seen anymore, yeah! The not so great news was that there are more tumors in my liver and maybe one on my sacrum. Since the cancer has changed we will change also. I start a new chemotherapy drug called Halaven today and will continue on the Herceptin. Let's hope for minimal side effects with this drug also. There are still plenty of tools in the tool box to use. Cancer doesn't know who it is messing with! Of more importance I hope you are all going to have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus. Love you and praying that we are together in 2016! Wendy

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  1. Catching a breath between relatives here to wish you and Michael a Happy New Year! Are y'all coming down for the Jan. 14th ceremony at ECHO? Need to plan our next fishing trip. Will pray for quick and side-effect free results with the new drug! Love & hugs to you and Michael!