Sunday, February 21, 2016


Okay when we left our story last..... I was getting fluids and waiting to have scans, the scans were done Monday and did show some increase in my cancer. Because of that this past Wednesday my treatment changed to yet another drug combo. I had Herceptin along with Gemzar (btw naming drugs is quite a business, isn't it?). Anyway I was still dehydrated and was having some difficulty breathing, so on Friday after more fluids Dr. Moroose's office decided to do a different CT scan along with a chest x-ray which showed pneumonia. That got me admitted to the hospital on Friday afternoon and here I sit. Definitely feeling better today I am glad to report. Don't know how long I will be here but I am practicing patience. Great doctors and nurses taking care of me. The only problem is they won't let Michael bring Ridley to visit and I am certainly suffering from PDDO (puppy deficit disorder). Just wanted to let you all know what's going on. Love and Peace be with you this week. Wendy

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