Friday, March 18, 2016

Treatment Updates

Hi there folks, This week I finished a second round of Gemzar treatment on Wednesday. My white counts were pretty low even before I got treatment so Thursday I got a Neulasta injection to help build my white cells back up. It will be a quiet weekend as I rest and try to also improve my energy. Next week I have no treatments but also on Wednesday I signed the consent for the new drug trial. The week of the 28th I will have scans and tests to prepare for that study. Hopefully I qualify and we can start the study drugs shortly afterwards. One of the tests will be a liver biopsy which was no fun the last time I had one so please pray for healing and protection during and after that procedure. I am very much hopeful that this new trial will be very beneficial to my treatment. I will keep you advised as we go along. Hope you are all doing well. Wendy