Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New treatment update

Hi gang! So I started the first cycle of my new treatment last Thursday the 7th.it was an infusion that day and immediately after I started the oral med Ibrutinib, which I take every day. Both of these drugs are what the doctor calls biological. I still need to understand that definition a little better. But because of that status my body can respond either with some mild rejection or with an allergic type reaction. So far it has been the second with some breathing difficulty. So I am on some allergy meds and a couple of different inhalers. Today I am feeling better although still coughing some. I stayed home from work the last two day but will be back in the saddle tomorrow. My next infusion and set of lab draws is scheduled for Wednesday the 20th. Okay enough about me, my Dad has also been in hospital for the last few days. Initially he had a very slight pneumonia that had to be cleared up, but that was a blessing as he also had a slow heart rate that needed to be corrected. He had a procedure today to install a pacemaker and so far everything looks very good. He hopefully maybe able to go home tomorrow. God is so great! That's all fo now folks. Love to you, Wendy

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