Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vegetables and ugalli

Yesterday a group of us went to the World Vegetable Center. Who knew that was in Arusha? But it is a research center and we learned about their efforts to breed and preserve important african vegetables. Many that we in the west would not know. I found it very interesting and took lots of photos. Youmay have to wait until I get home for the photo essay though. The internet cafe I am using can't handle the photo card. Anyway we traveled to the Center in local transportation called Dalla-Dallas. Picture a 12 passenger van with 20 people and a chicken. I got t sit next to the woman with the chicken!

Another new experience for me was lunch yesterday. We ate at a local cafe near the hotel and had the local fare, ugalli. Which is wheat porridge (think paste) served with stewed meat and vegetables, some of which I had just learned were vegetables. The ugalli I could leave but the rest of it was pretty good. However we chose togo back to the great Indian restaurant that we ate at on Sunday for dinner last night. A good choice and I was amazed that they could deliver great food as the power had been off there all day. But it was delicious.

I have seen Maasai men in town but no pictures it seems rude to take a photo without their permission and I haven't had a chance to speak with any of them.

The conference began this morning and is going well. There were 150 registered although I am not sure that they all came the first day. It runs through thursday and then I head to Uganda on Friday to visit my dear friend Vicki.

That is it for now. Love to you all,


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