Thursday, December 13, 2012

Am I glowing yet?

Okay that is some lame radiation humor. Today was 8 of 15 treatments for the hips and 1 of 5 for my rib. The technology is amazing, the radiation for my rib is aimed tangentially to treat the rib but also to bounce the electrons off the chest wall to keep it away from internal organs. Amazing right? Or was that too much information? The marking for the rib is quite a bit of bright blue ink. From the back I look like an extra from Braveheart! As the marking took a while I did have to ask the tech to promise he wasn't drawing smiley faces or writing "kick me". Actually I cannot say enough about how great Dr. Buckholz and the radiation team at MD Anderson have been. Brittany, Jared and Stephanie have been particularly wonderful. I can assure you all that I am in good hands. Just wanted to update you.

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