Thursday, December 6, 2012

Recent news

Hi friends, If you are checking this blog you have likely heard the recent news regarding my health. The cancer is back (actually I guess it never left just went into hiding). It has presented in bone tissue only which is really good news. All my organs are clear and functioning perfectly. Started radiation on my pelvis this past Tuesday and will complete it on Christmas Eve. Last time every doctor or nurse in three counties saw my stuff from the waist up and now they are seeing from the waist down. So much for modesty! But I did get a few more tattoos although I couldn't convince the tech to do butterflies instead of dots! I am still working as there is no reason not to. Hopefully that will convince you all that I am much better than it sounds. This blog will obviously shift from travel for a little while in order to keep everyone up to date. Thank you for your prayers. God has shown me much Grace through this situation and I am humbled and thankful. Love you all. Wendy

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