Monday, December 10, 2012

What a fun weekend!

Michael and I joined our friends Chris and Gayle and Stan and Beth on Pine Island for a weekend with the club PERFAKT, that would be the Pineland Eating, Relaxing (or Reading), Fishing and Kayaking Team! We ate a ton of great food prepared by Gayle, Stan, Michael and Chris. I was lazy except for the three hour kayaking expedition to the south end of the island and back. Michael caught a beautiful Spanish Mackerel which he then cooked up for dinner that night. We just had a wonderful time it puts a smile on my face just remembering. There was lot's of laughing, some tears and a very special time of prayer. I am very blessed to have such lovely people in my life. I know that you all are on my team and it humbles me and encourages me. Thank you. Today it was back to treatment and work. All is well there too. Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop. Wendy

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