Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday is Doctor Day!

So today I saw Dr. Buckholz the radiation oncologist who said everything with the treatments was going well. I also saw Dr. Constantino the medical oncologist. She had the biopsy results which indicate that the cancer cells in my bones are receptive to the same hormones that they were previously. That is good news as it gives the doctors more tools to use in treating me. So I start a new medication immediately and begin chemo soon also. This type of chemo I have had before and tolerated very well and it isn't the kind that makes your hair fall out. Although that really isn't mission critical here, but it is nice to keep the ponytail! I am very grateful for these results and praise The Lord that now we can really get to kicking cancer's butt! So I give thanks for the good news today. Love, Wendy

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