Monday, September 8, 2014

A crisp Monday morning!

We got to Montana with no worries. It was a very early day and by last evening we were debating how early we could go to sleep. The drive from Missuola was lovely. The cabin is cozy and tidy with Pebble Creek running just below the porch. Michael tried out the creek for fishing yesterday and caught a little trout (not big enough for supper). This morning the temperature was 39 degrees when we got up.that made the gas fireplace very welcome! It is still chilly out there so I am taking it easy for a bit longer while Michael is out doing an exploratory walk. When it is a little warmer and I have finished my tea we are planning to walk to the Swan River for sightseeing and fishing. Just wanted to let you know how things are in Big Sky Country. I have to figure out the posting photos again and will share as soon as I can. Love, Wendy Okay I am adding photos to the previous blogs. Here are pics of the cabin on Piper Creek, Michael fishing the creek and the neighbor dog Tika who seemed to own that chair on our porch.

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