Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rain, snow and beauty

Well we had plenty of precipitation here today! It rained last night and was still raining as we headed into Glacier NP today. We drove the main park road as far as we could but it was closed due to snow at Logan Pass. Of course,being the two Florida kids that we are, we just marveled at the snow, on September 10th! Even the locals are surprised according to a local news reporter who was up near the pass getting video. He bemoaned "Yeah only nine more months of winter!" Despite the rain and the snow the park was truly beautiful. I will post photos at some point I promise but the connection here at the Serene Lakefront Cottage isn't going to allow it today. We stopped at a lodge in the park for late lunch and then decided to take the less travelled road back to the cottage. That route followed the North Fork of the Flathead River and the vistas just kept coming. There were lots of fishing access point along the way and I am sure we will go make use of them in the next couple of days. No bear sightings yet. Yesterday we saw plenty of deer and chipmunks, none today but I think the weather had them hunkering down. TTFN, Wendy So just some great vista photos from this day. do you feel the chill?

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