Saturday, September 6, 2014

Getting ready for vacation

Hi everyone, Michael and I are spending the day cleaning house (I don't want to be embarassed when our friends minding the house get here) and packing as we get ready to head out on vacation. We leave well before the crack of dawn tomorrow and head to Missoula, MT for a great vacation. We start out in the area of Glacier National Park for a week and then relocate to Yellowstone NP for another week or so. I will be blogging from there and hope to be able to share some great stories and photos. Stay tuned! I had the third chemotherapy treatment this past Thursday and so far side effects are minimal, thankfully. I also had a couple of doctor visits and the results from some scans and the news was good! The lesions on my spine are better and nothing new showed up. Nice that everything was fine for our travel! Otherwise I would be getting postcards from Michael! So if you will, please pray for good travel and no side effects from treatment for the next few days. Love, Wendy

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