Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Slough Creek

Hi ya'll Yesterday Michael and I hiked a couple miles in and over a ridge to Slough Creek. There were these beautiful open meadows along the creek and we hiked across the marsh grass to a spot for Michael to fish. I sat nearby and kept a watch out for bears. We saw lots of bison, some common mergansers (diving ducks) and a bunch of super cute chipmunks. It was a moderately difficult hike but well worth the effort. Hope this finds you all well. And a big HAPPT BIRTHDAY !!! To Alison in the Pacific Ocean on Trevoning. Wendy Okay there was a lot in the last couple of days since I posted so here come a bunch of photos from the first day we drove into Yellowstone National Park and we drove through Mammoth Hot Springs area and saw the thermal features there, along with the resident elk herd, and then drove into the Lamar Valley and out the other side up to Beartooth Pass. Please note the photo Michael took (you can see him in the mirror) as he made me drive down from Beartooth Pass, the curviest road anywhere! And if you want to see the goPro video of the descent just ask Michael! And here are the pics from Beartooth Pass Now here are the photos from our hike to Slough Creek along with lots of bison pics and big horn sheep. Click on the photo above the bison on the road and you will see lots of black specs on the plain-those are all bison. it was like seeing animals in Africa there were some many out on the savanna.

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