Monday, September 15, 2014

Waiting for the crack of dawn

Hi all, Michael and I relocated yesterday from the Glacier area to just north of Yellowstone. It was a great scenic drive as we stayed off the interstate and went thru little towns and various national forests. We are staying in a lovely guest house on Laura and Vern Smith's horse ranch. Yesterday Vern mentioned a place nearby that bears come out into a pasture to dig caraway roots. We came up and saw bears last night and saw five bears. So this morning we are back in the same spot and Michael sees a mama grizzly with one cub and we are waiting on more! How awesome is this! Gotta go look at bears.... Wendy Okay here are the photos from the drive to Yellowstone from Glacier and one picture of a bear with cubs (you are gong to have to trust me on this as she was far away and the photo is tough to see, click on the photo and the bear and the cubs are in the lower left corner).

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