Monday, May 17, 2010


Yesterday was awesome. To be in service at someones home in the village and to have th opportunity to sing and admire DAD with others. I of course didn't speak the language but could jump in on some songs and Da sat next to me and translated the message. It was wonderful and I wish I could bottle that inpiration and bring it back to you all.

After the service(s) another one in English after the Khmei one, Lori, Andrew, Hannah, Chrissy and I went into Phnom Penh for lunch, shopping and the gym. Lunch was at the Chinese Noodle Shop where we at boiled dumplings. They were yummy and a nice change from rice. Don't get me wrong I like rice, had some for both breakfast and lunch today. Andrew needed some new shirts so we headed to the Olympic Market and shopped. I didn't buy anythign but loved walking around the seafood vendors trying to identify what they were selling. The live crabs were easy but the dried, flayed cuttlefish was more difficult.

Later we went to the Phnom Penh Sportsclub so the rest of them could work out on the machines and I got in a long swim. That was very nice but the most lovely part was the cold pool in the jacuzzi area. It was refreshing to feel actually chilled when I got out! We stayed there for dinner before driving back to RDI.

That's it for now. Hope I am not boring you all but then if you don't like the blog I guess you don't have to tune in. that is the beauty of the internet.


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  1. Awesome - keep us posted. We talked to Dad about you yesterday! Any Starbucks in Cambodia?