Friday, May 28, 2010

Just back from Preak Russey

Hey there all!

Lindsey and I spent the last few days out at the school where the team from TN was helping to build the school a rainwater tank. The name of the village translates as Bamboo Creek and it is really very remote. It was a 2 hour drive over roads with potholes that you could almost hide our 4x4. The team was out there for the whole week but we joined them on thursday (Lindsey really hit the ground running as she came in late on Wednesday night). I am attaching some pics of the tank and the kids playing with rice sack races at the school and Lindsey with some kids that she had taught to play hop scotch. It was great and I'll get more details up soon. Maybe some pictures of our sleeping quarters cots with mosquito nets in empty classrooms.

Keep us in your prayers as we head up to Battambang on Monday to visit with folks up that way. Thinking of all of you.

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