Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hi y'all,

The Cambodians would be more confused about the way I speak but Wendi, Lori and others here hail from Kentucky so y'all works fine!

Yesterday was a Cambodian holiday in honor of the king, so RDI was closed. Lori and Chrissy and I walked to a couple of local Wats (buddhist temples). We walked around and enjoyed the gardens and the statuary. I'll add the pic of me with an elephant statue along with one of a bodhi tree and a memorial service that we stopped at on our walk. The service was to honor a man who died three years ago, offerings were being made to help his soul.

Today Lori and I ran into Phnom Penh to run some errands and swing by the market. Phnom Penh has grown since I was here in 2007, of course. It was interesting to see new buildings in town and new stores. It is still hot here but today was just a little less so. For this I am thankful.

Tomorrow we will go back into town for worship and probably have lunch. The only meal at RDI on the weekends is breakfast at the coffee shop. I am adjusting well, PTL. Hopefully I can continue to plug into various projects while I am here. I am very intersted in Hannah's created wetland for wastewater treatment. And they are growing Moringa but not distributing it widely yet. Maybe that is something I can bring back from Battambang later in the trip.

I treasure your prayers for my usefulness, health and safety.


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  1. Glad to know you are safely in Cambodia and adjusting well to the heat...and the way of life. We will be in PP on June 4 but only over night. We will be there again on June 20-21 but I think you will be gone by then. When do you go to Battambang? We may have to exchange notes when we are all back in Florida again.
    Beth D