Monday, May 31, 2010

Thom! Thom!

That is what the woman who sat next to me on the bus to Battambang said as she patted my arm. She was smiling and meant it as a complement meaning that I am healthy but Thom means big or fat! She really was quite nice and tried to share her snack of raw asiatic clams with Lindsey and me. We turned her down as hepatitis did not seem like a good idea. I tried offering her salted almonds but then she turned me down! Still she bid me a warm good bye when she left the bus shortly before we got to Battambang.

Lindsey and I came up here to visit wit CAMA Services workers this week. We got in late this afternoon and got to ride out to a fellow who grows Moringa leaves for the Strongs project. He also has three pools of crocodiles in his back yard! Later we had dinner with some of the CAMA folks. It was yummy and came with a side dish of steamed Moringa leaves. Which were like spinach.

No pictures this time because the computer at the internet cafe can't accept my disk. So just imagine a picture of me beside the first bus we took from Phnom Penh (it broke down and they had to send a replacement). Thankfully the TV on the replacement bus didn't work as we had seen enough of Jackie Chan. The trip took about 7 hours on account of the breakdown. But my Khmer friend kept an eye on us and directed us where to wait and when to get on the new bus. She was quite the mother hen.

Battambang is a nice smaller city. It is less frenetic than Phnom Penh and still has some of the French architecture evident in some of the buildings. The streets are less broad and more shady. It is also safe enough to walk around at night. I definitely think I am going to enjoy the next few days.

Ta Ta For Now!


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  1. 1. Hmmm, my name is "Thom". I'll take the "healthy" translation.
    2. You can never have enough Jackie Chan!

    Love the updates!