Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday evening

Above are some pics that give you an idea of the recreation around RDI. I am still hoping to get in on a volleyball match but the guys around here play for blood. I may have to get Hannah to give me some tips on bumper pool instead.

I did get to work on a project this week so far. Andrew, the lab manager, asked for assistance on preparing a handbook on the House-to-House Arsenic Surveying. There is a team here this week from another province to learn how RDI does it and he wants them to have a handbook when they leave. He had started it but allowed me to write a good deal of it over the last couple of days. That has been nice to know I was producing something helpful. And I learned a lot more about the issue which is a serious health hazard.

I should mention the food here. Last night we had my favorite Loc Lac which is marinated beef fried in thin strips with lime juice and black pepper as a sauce. It went over rice with fresh long green beans or you could fried potato chips. There is always some yummy fruit for dessert. Tonight we had snakehead fish which was a very mild firm white fish. It was served with pickled mango and jackfruit for dessert. Jack fruit is an enormous fruit that you would think would fall off the tree it is so heavy. It tastes a little like banana and is sticky. See the photo.

That is it for this evening.


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