Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another interesting day in the village

We surveyed another 15 households and tested about six for arsenic levels in their wells. I am glad to say in this case none were above levels of concern.

The people here are very warm and hospitable. I can't imagine getting the same reception if we were doing a house to house survey at home! Most people invite you in to sit and one lady of the house today gave us tea. Frequently they stop whatever they are doing and join us for the conversation. I always ask before I take photos and no one has denied me that privilege.

The area we were in yesterday had a lot of farmers and their families. Generally everyone looked healthy including the many babies that I saw. Today it seemed that we saw more health concerns. One gentleman had broken his leg and is laid up for 4 months with pins holding it in place. And there were some other health issues among the families we visited. Since the arsenic levels weren't enought to trigger the health team to automatically go to the village I will mention it to the RDI leadership. Perhaps they can be directed that way anyway.

Personally all is well. I enjoy noodle soup for breakfast and can handle the heat. So thank you for all your thoughts for my health and travel safety.


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