Monday, May 31, 2010

Great time in Battambang

Hi All!

Lindsey and I are having a great time in Battambang. Yesterday I went with Dave Strong and Sombok to look at some land they are considering purchasing for Moringa seed production. It was quite a ways out of town. I enjoyed the ride and picking Dave's brain about the Moringa businesses. Then in the afternoon Holly and Lindsey and I took a ride on the bamboo trolley. It runs on narrow gauge rails and they put axles and a bammboo platform on the axles with a little motor and off you go. If you meet another trolley coming the other way the one with the fewest people gets off the track and allows the other to pass. It was an interesting ride. The trolley stops at the far end at a brick factory. Dad, the press they were using was a hit and miss engine. I think I like your ice cream maker better but the bricks are functional. We walked into one of the kilns and it was a bit eerie.

Today we explored the main market after breakfast and then went to the Strongs house to help process Moringa leaves. That allowed us time to chat with Sombok and for him to practice his english. He is really a good guy and becoming a leader with the Moringa business as well as with DAD's house.

Midday we went out to a village school with Doris to teach middle schoolers about nutrition and Moringa. That was a nice drive too. The rice fields around the school were very green and beautiful. Still no pictures for you cause this computer can't handle them. I promise to post some when I get back to RDI.

That is it for tonight. I do have to say that I very much admire both of the Strongs and Holly and the other folks on the CAMA team here. They are really making a difference for Him!

Love you all,


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